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Race Human
Gender Female
Age Late Teens/Early 20s
Place of Origin Voonlar, Moonsea
Occupation Swordswoman
Patron Deity Hoar
Affiliations None Known
Status Alive

Lidiya Marinova

Come ride with me through the veins of history. I'll show you how God falls asleep on the job. And how can we win, when fools can be kings? Don't waste your time or time will waste you.

Short and slight, Lidiya's over wiry, flat build give off the impression of a young boy rather than an adult woman. This is not helped by her strawberry blonde hair, which parts at the center of her forehead and comes to a curled end just under her ears. Her eyes are a bright blue, topped with dark brown brows that see to a constant arch, giving off the appearance of surprise or skepticism, depending. Upon a pug nose and across shapely cheeks are spattered a visible array of freckles. Unpainted lips always take to a half smirk, and one may wonder if this girl takes anything seriously.

Lidiya's clothes are made for utility and function rather than form, furthering her overall ambiguity. Colored in deep browns, whites, and light tans, she is usually seen wearing either a jerkin jacket with golden colored buttons or a light shirt of chain. Her 'cloak' actually seems to be a wool scarf, meant to swish along with her movements rather than offer any significant protection from the elements. Tight riding pants and high boots complete the ensemble.

Never far from her person is any array of blades; with at least one tied to her right side at any given time, and more kept safely wrapped in bags or other holdings. At times, a buckler can be seen either tied to her back or kept fastened to her left arm.

She now wears openly a woven leather chord around her neck; shortened almost to the length of a 'choker'. Two pendants hang from it; one etched in silver with the depiction of a small bird in flight. The other, a coin with a two faced head; obviously the holy symbol of Hoar.

When Lidiya speaks it is in high tones that instantaneously remove any semblance of doubt over questions of gender; her accent is a mix of the drawling Dales and the harsh Moonsea.

While making no mention of her parentage, occupation or any other intricacies of life prior to her arrival in the Dales, it has become known through easy conversation that Lidiya was born and raised in Voonlar, A Moonsea frontier town on the border of the “Greentree” (a colloquial name for the Cormanthor). Further questioning reveals mixed results; while she seems to share the same casual racism for non human “Dogheads” as all others in Voonlar, she holds them to no consistent or considerable malice or contempt. While speaking highly of the food and common people in the town, she seems barely able to shroud her disdain for any in position of authority.

No one's gonna take me alive! Time has come to make things right. You and I must fight for our rights. You and I must fight to survive.

Lidiya is considered among the 'adventuring' community of Essembra and surrounds, and has not yet brewed any great alliance or animosity with any. She currently takes residence in the 'Six Sisters Inn', and seems to show a special interest in handling the Logistics of the up and coming 'Pit Fights'. As such, she maintains a cordial relationship with many of the inn's patrons and employees.

Lidiya is thought to be an embodiment of pride and self assurance to a fault. She claims that she will one day become the Greatest Warrior in the Dales, and will own a keep and from that keep create her own 'Dale' called Thornsdale.

Recently, Lidiya was among a group of adventuring mercenaries tasked with investigating the death of a Beshaban cleric for the prominent priestess Taeryl Ravenstone. She is said to have held her own against the cultists of the Mad God, and returned to the Millery Inn in Hap with the head of a priestess of Cyric in tow.

Lidiya is rumored to have killed two Minotaurs in single combat.

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