Race Moon Elf
Gender Male
Age Approximately 130
Place of Origin Gulthmere Forest
Occupation Druid
Patron Deity Silvanus
Affiliations Circle of the Elder Grove
Status Alive


Lerin carries with him the usual good looks of his Moon Elven heritage and stands at around five feet tall. His blond hair is unusual amongst his kind, perhaps hinting at a Sun Elven predecessor somewhere down the line, though this is not always the case. His deep blue eyes often have a searching quality to them when they settle on a new face. A bundle of wiry, taut muscle, Lerin's body has obviously been honed from a life out in the wilderness but it's clear at a glance that his greatest physical attribute is his mobility over his brute force.

Making no secret of his preference of a life outside the settlements rather than in them, Lerin dresses accordingly. Most recently he has been seen wearing a strange suit of armour comprised of a multitude of autumnal leaves in many shades of red, yellow and brown, all stitched together. When not sporting this curious garb, he's most often found in undyed furs and leathers and almost always wears a long bear-skin cloak.

When not seen toting a spear against his shoulder, Lerin is most often found carrying a long, curious wooden staff. Made of three inter-twining branches that coil around one another, the staff has a strange sense of repressed movement to it and sometimes issues creaks as the three boughs shift against one another. If left too long touching soil or grass, it is prone to start growing roots and can sometimes require some effort to retrieve from its resting place.

Lerin's bearing and manner of speech is often quite at odds with his appearance. He goes to great lengths to be polite and seems to have a fascination with words, using his diverse vocabulary at every opportunity.

Lerin is not originally from the Dales. He comes from the South, over the Sea of Fallen Stars, from the Gulthmere Forest. Lerin is fairly evasive about his time spent back home, only ever mentioning having led a very isolated existence with his family, deep in the woods. He was sent to the Dales 'to learn' by the elders of the Circle he stood with in the Gulthmere, but seems to know little more about his task than that.

Lerin has sworn fealty to the Circle of the Elder Grove under Mirrinda Miritar.

Lerin is almost always accompanied by his companion, the black bear Toko.

  • Lerin is said to have lived through The Plague that fell on Essembra, growing deathly sick from the infection before recovering.
  • Known among the rats of the Flophouse as the 'Cheese Man', Lerin feels he owes them a debt for assisting him during his time interred in the city during the plague, which cost one of their number his life.
  • Lerin is rumoured to be responsible for the Blood-Red Oak now standing atop the toppled ruins of the Silent Chapel.
  • There was a time when Lerin had gained something of a reputation for approaching young women of child-bearing age and showing an unhealthy curiosity in their desires to bear children.
  • Lerin sometimes speaks of how he obtained his curious staff, and in the process narrowly avoided the affections of a pair of grateful Dryad sisters (and the baleful glares of one less-than-pleased sister).
  • It is often joked by those who know them that the long-suffering bear Toko is the master and that Lerin is his 'person companion'.