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Race Half-Elf (Chondathan/Moon Elf)
Gender Male
Age 30
Place of Origin Highmoon, Deepingdale
Occupation Specialist
Patron Deity
Affiliations None
Status Alive


Indithrael is a wiry, pale, and unkempt man. Standing just shy of two meters tall and weighing just over 70 kilograms, his build is one more akin to his elven heritage: slender and slight, and lacking in bulk musculature. His skin bears an almost unhealthy pallor to it, again more attributable to a Teu'telquessir bloodline, and more readily burns than tans under strong sunlight. His face is a figure of sharp curves and dulled angles: his jawline well-defined, his cheeks gaunt, his lips passing thin, and his nose bearing a slightly hooked profile. Setting the frame for his face is a mess of wavy hair, flat auburn in color, and crowning it are a pair of eyes of glossy blue.

Indithrael's general demeanor is a withdrawn one. He tends to speak softly, gesture subtly, and shy away from larger crowds. He is not aloof, however, willing to hold conversation with any whom initiate it. His manner of speech is unobtrusive, preferring going unheard to speaking out, and his voice often carries a warm quality to it. The manner in which he carries himself varies from a regimented sort of rigid when still to something more akin to grace when in motion. In general company his mannerisms are to remain generally motionless and to allow others and himself a respectable area of personal space.

Religion and spirituality play a large part in Indithrael's day to day. Every night, without fail, he takes at least a moment to utter a prayer to the gods, though rarely does he give a name to whom he prays. He favors working alongside others of deep faith, and is, at least ostensibly, respectful to the followers of most ethoses. Often, despite whether or not he has strong opinions regarding any situation, he will defer to the judgement of anyone he perceives as a spiritual superior.

Most distinct of the markings about Indithrael's body is a meshing of tattoos across his upper back and shoulders. The whole spread, from his left upper arm, across his back, and down his right can be made out, with some inspection, to be an almost chaotic, meticulously intricate blending of runic patterning to form one large, nigh contiguous design. The extensive nature of the patterning of the tattoo would have required much time to complete, and it appears to have been inked by a craftsman of considerable skill.

Indithrael was born on Nightal 20, 1342 DR in the town of Highmoon in Deepingdale to a human mother and an elven father. His father, Demothan Arvandellar, was a marksman of some skill and renown, having served the Dales in the (failed) defense Teshendale from the Zhentarim, but little is said of his mother. It can be gleaned that both parents were fond of each other and their child, but that the father was often away from home. Indithrael will state plainly that when he was seven years old his father left with little warning and that after a year it was learned that he had died. From that point onward, he says, his mother grew despondent and turned to rely heavily on alcohol.

At age fifteen Indithrael left home to begin traveling. Presumably he gained the skills he currently possesses somewhere in the fifteen odd years he has spent on the road.

Indithrael is perhaps most-closely associated with Unebril Rygara, with whom he shares his trade's skills and practices swordplay.