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Race Chondathan
Gender Female
Age 26
Place of Origin Harrowdale
Occupation Medic, Herbalist
Patron Deity Chauntea
Affiliations Lord's Men, Arandur Company
Status Alive

Idabelle Almonte

A tall woman who keeps a prim and upright posture always. Idabelle's clothing is conservative and utilitarian, revealing little. She is usually seen in a green tunic with a white undershirt, tied together with golden threads. Brown trousers and leather boots complete her ensemble. She wears nothing in the way of jewelry, save for a single chain always tucked into her collar.

As proper and controlled as her clothing is, the state of her hair speaks much the opposite. While obviously cared for, Ida’s chestnut colored hair is allowed to flow wildly, the long part forming at either side of her face and flowing down to mid back in a slight wave that lightens at the tips.

Idabelle’s eyes are a hazel, leaning more towards a grey blue in hue. Her face is pointed and stern, though still youthful, with high cheekbones. Across her cheeks and nose is spattered a very light array of freckles, though they are only apparent if one is looking closely. She is poised, thin lipped and stern; retaining the reserved nature of a scholar.

Idabelle does not go to great lengths to hide her past, nor does she readily speak of it unless probed. It is a fact that she is from the Dalelands; traces of an accent make this much clear. She speaks clearly of being born and raised in Harrowdale, and having left it, though the exact time of her departure from the Dales is unclear. Ida claims it was 'when she was younger' but 'long after Scardale's occupation'.

It is also known that from here, Idabelle spent her formative adult years in the Dragon Coast, specifically Starmantle and Westgate, where she met Jonas Verlon. It is known that she attended a mage college in Starmantle for some time, and has less than stellar opinions of said organizations as a result.

Idabelle makes frequent mention of her mother, who she describes as a 'midwife', 'herbalist' , 'wise woman', or 'cunning folk'. It may be noticed that she makes little if any mention of her father.

Idabelle is known by many things to many people. She is known to be the companion of Jonas Verlon, though the nature of this companionship is nebulous.

She seems to have a friendly relationship with most other adventurers, and while always up for a philosophical debate, does not seem one to argue needlessly. Though some of her most frequent associates are woodsfolk, she is quick to assert that her allegiance is not with the Druids of the Wood, but with the farmers and their tended fields.

Of late, she has become affiliated with the Lord's Men, serving in the Arandur Company.

Idabelle was said to have been one of the 'adventurers' to find the body of Ilmeth and implicate Melsany Trinder in his murder. It is further known that she was also a part of the group responsible for her demise, and that of her associate Keziah.

The mystic has also been a prominant figure in Essembra proper, and was known to have brought together a contingency of healers, alchemists, and adventurers to find an end to the plague infecting Essembra.. To this end, Idabelle has been researching the attacks of the Black Archer, and was said to have gone on many an expedition in an attempt to bring him to justice.

When Idabelle is not conversing or traveling abroad with Essembra's adventuring population, she can be found at the surrounding farmsteads, lending a helping (or healing) hand.

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