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Race Human (Bedine)
Gender Female
Age 17
Patron Deity
Place of Origin Anauroch
Occupation Adventurer, Witch
Affiliations None
Status Alive

Fyuu Izian

A young human girl from the Anauroch, Fyuu is short and lightweight with dusky brown skin. She, like her sister, has unusual features for a Bedine, sporting dark red hair and eyes of an unusual orange-red color, a result of her sorcerous blood. Fyuu is attractive, though her skin is covered in patches of ash, and her hair is blackened in places. She also smells faintly of sulfur and charred bone. Her clothes are likewise afflicted with sleeves and gloves being almost invariably burnt, the rest ragged and charred.

Outgoing and loud, Fyuu is often full of energy, craving adventure and amusement. Even during rather quiet moments she'll be up to something, such as declaring war on snow.

She offers little insight on her origins, though being a Bedine sorceress, it can be assumed she was branded a witch and left to die in the desert as Bedine are known to do. She travels with another Bedine witch, her sister Faa, who may have had a hand in her survival.

Fyuu's sorcery stems from red dragon blood in her ancestry. It manifests as fiery magic, and though she lacks the control her sister possesses, Fyuu's magic is more powerful, and she has more potential as a sorceress.

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