Race Elf (Moon)
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Place of Origin Evereska
Occupation Time Sentinel
Patron Deity Labelas Enoreth
Affiliations House Starym
Status Alive

Eloen Starym

A young elven woman, pale-skinned and tall in stature with a noble bearing about her but a warm smile. Her is hair thick and deep blue in colour (typical of Moon elves) while eyes are wide and golden (suggesting some Sun elven heritage).

Often clad in Elven-made armour in sunset hues, she also carries antique-looking weaponry - usually a number of longswords which she keeps in impeccable condition. In clothing, she favours maroons and greys, usually very fine materials and impeccably tailored, often sporting embroidered silver dragons respectant1) as embellishment.

At her neck she wears both a golden half-disk pendant depicting a setting sun and its dying rays2), and a medallion depicting six coins surrounding a six pointed star3). As well as the dragon-motifs on her clothing, she bears a brooch with this device fastening her cloak, and likewise upon a signet ring.

Eloen has not detailed her origins to many save to mention, when asked, that she hails from the fortress-home of Evereska and was there during the Phaerimm attack of recent years.

Despite being a Moon elf, it is evident from her manner that Eloen is from a predominantly Sun Elven family and was raised accordingly.

House Starym

One of the Twelve 'First Houses' of Cormanthyr (supposedly even more senior houses acknowledged Starym as the first of those twelve), House Starym has a long and storied history in the old kingdom.

Perhaps the most notorious events of their history being the rebellion against Coronal Eltargrim at the time of the Opening of Myth Drannor, and the subsequent departure of most of House Starym from the city in 261 DR when the rebellion failed and the city opened up to other races. In contrast, another widely known story the heroism of Josidiah Starym, beloved of the Coronal's heir, who recovered the lost Artblade from the Underdark and fought in the Weeping War.

Eloen's particular branch of the family were among the Sun elven Staryms who left Myth Drannor in 261 DR, settling in the isolationist elven settlement of Evereska after quitting Cormanthyr completely.

As a Time Sentinel, Eloen is charged with a deep involvement with the elven community. While she is presently based in Essembra (and tends a minor shrine at her residence in Old Town), she aims to make herself known to the elves who pass through or currently dwell there. To this end, her presence has variously been noted at both Elven Crossing in Mistledale and the Eyrie in the Tangled Vale.

She is most often seen in the company of gruff Sun elf, Ivós. He seems to act as her protector, and the two may have been noted collecting weapons and gold for something they refer to (in Elven) as 'The Cause'.

  • While she has not announced anything to this effect, rumour has it that she is a young scion of House Starym, come to stake a claim on whatever of their ancestral wealth remains within the ruins of Myth Drannor. Word gets around that she is also looking to collect artefacts of old Cormanthyr and the Weeping War.
  • Rumour has it the elven druid Lerin caused some grave offence to her in Essembra, prompting her companion Ivós to intervene, and the two men to almost come to blows. However, it does not appear that Eloen holds a grudge against the druid, having been friendly and helpful toward him since.
  • Eloen was one of a band who stopped the demonic rampage of a warped orcish warband. Eloen herself took up a sword of Myth Drannor and fought the beasts in the melee, and - appealing to her deity - led the closure of portals to the Abyss from which the demons were crawling out.
  • Eloen answered a call for healers to convene at the Bold Banners in Essembra to discuss the dread sickness afflicting Dalelanders in the wake of the so-called Black Archer threat upon the roads. She freely offered counsel and her assistance to any who wished it.

The symbol of the Elven noble House Starym
The symbol of Labelas Enoreth
The symbol of the Elven noble House Orbryn
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