Race Human (Chondathan)
Gender Female
Age Late Twenties
Place of Origin Appears Cormyrian
Occupation Trade Baroness
Patron Deity Waukeen
Affiliations Fire Knives
Status Alive

Dahlia Bleth

A woman living in crossed worlds, Dahlia Bleth has found her own method for embodying the words “noble adventurer”. Her clothes come in equal parts practical choice and extravagant whimsy. Her hair is long and well cared for, but dyed fanciful colors and wrapped through rings or other accessories made of gold and rare metals. She carries her wealth on her sleeve, with enough fine jewelry to satisfy a queen and an aroma of tobacco and spice that would make a gypsy blush.

She's known for being a generally pleasant - if vacuous - woman, with enough quirks in her personality reveal more of the same. While she shows incredible mastery in all the ritual and parlance of the Cormyran aristocracy, she is also incredibly selective about which occasions merit their use: almost none.

Aside from her brother, Loiza Bleth - who she seems to have followed to the Dalelands - Dahlia is frequently found in the company of adventurers, thugs, and scoundrels.

A tattoo on her left arm depicts seven perfect circles, overlapping.

In addition, her jewelry and buttons often feature coins emblazoned with the Merchant Friend's face.

* Portrait: Tom Bagshaw