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Race Moon Elf
Gender Male
Age 143
Place of Origin Deepingdale
Occupation Tael Kerym Solkiir and potter
Patron Deity Corellon Larethian
Affiliations Circle Of The Elder Grove; Silverhand House
Status Alive


Corym is tall for an elf with a sturdy, powerful frame and movements that are relaxed and precise. His features are well balanced, dominated by grey eyes that glitter with humour and kindness overlaying a steely self-possession. His black hair is long, its natural wildness usually tied back in simple, practical fashion. His manners and accent are unmistakeably Dales, even when speaking Elven. Quick to laugh and smile, he has a bright, expressive demeanour and a direct habit of speech. He is usually dressed in practical travelling clothes of good quality and natural colours and often wears a cloak bordered in sky-blue with the crescent of Corellon Larethian embroidered in silver thread on either collar. He is rarely seen without a plain silver ring mounted with an amethyst on his signet finger.

Corym is generous, optimistic, cheerful and friendly toward his fellow beings, sociable, and open-handed to those who need help, which sometimes leads him towards unusual personal relationships and strange loyalties. Those who know him relatively well would acknowledge that, despite his friendly manner, he is ambitious, driven by a desire for recognition within his family and their community and sometimes allows his emotions to cloud his judgement. Although Corym's opinions are liable to change easily, his level of concentration can also border on the obsessive. This translates into a tendency to worry excessively, sometimes becoming overly concerned with unimportant details but also into a talent for great precision in his workmanship as a potter.

Corym is the illegitimate son of a half-elven orphan, Athyra Duskfall, and a disreputable elven aristocrat, Beltorin Ulondarr. As a result of his mildly scandalous background and unconventional upbringing, he has struggled to win the acceptance of his father's family.

A childhood spent roaming the streets of Highmoon and the surrounding countryside has made Corym is relatively well known in Deepingdale as a ward of the elven adventurer turned merchant, Gaelin Silverhand.

He is also familiar to many in the elven communities around Semberholme as, during adolescence, his guardianship was held by first Rathiain Ulondarr (a now deceased elder of Moonrise Hill) and then Halueth Talantyr (a respected nomadic bladesinger).

In recent times he has started to become considered a fellow villager by the folk of Elven Crossing, who know him as an apprentice to Rhoswen Erline of the Dusty Dragon pottery. He is also well known to the regulars of Oaknoll's Oaken Door, where he maintains lodgings.

He tends to introduce himself as Corym, without a second name, and when one is necessary to use Silverhand or Duskfall, rather than Ulondarr.

Although, as something of a former market urchin, he is at his ease with Dalesfolk of all sorts, he seems to favour the company of other elves.

His most frequent companion is Ayowindhe Mirrenwe, to whom he displays a fierce loyalty. Some suspect that their closeness is romantic.

He is an ally of Circle Of The Elder Grove and often seen with Mirrinda Miritar and those associated with the Circle, particularly Amyvain Melin and Ailis Clyne.

He is also on friendly terms with Dovaeryn Quelinte, Vesryn Saelrien-Kyr, Indithrael, Soluafin and Unebril Rygara.

He is an associate of Silverhand House, having run errands for Gaelin Silverhand since the coster was founded, and currently keeps in touch with those of the coster's suppliers that live in the Elven Crossing area.

Other friends, who currently seem to be absent from the Cormanthor, include Lorcyon, Ryniesta Veal'Shil, Selrin Sa'kelvor and Syn'lel Siamara.

Corym suffers from a slightly patchy reputation among those residents of Highmoon old enough to remember him as an ungoverned and mischievious child.

Some folk of Moonrise Hill speculate that he only arrives in the village at dusk in order to avoid upsetting his father's wife and children. The wittier suggest he is trying to live up to his mother's family name of Duskfall. Those most hostile toward Corym whisper that his mysterious visits to his father's sister are some how connected to her recent death.

The villagers of Elven Crossing speak warmly of his current presence among them, noting with approval all the help he provides Rhoswen at the Dusty Dragon.

Rumour has it that Corym has connections with the drow of the Cormanthor, if you believe some accounts of this tale, he is on rather too friendly terms with them altogether.

Originating from staff at the Green Door inn, a rumour has being doing the rounds in Essembra that local figures Izaidyn Von Lyaxann, Baranya Hawall and Ly'drin Alar were seen confronting Corym in one of the rooms of that establishment. A chambermaid who knocked on the door with the usual supplies for one of Mr Alar's “parties” insists that she heard raised voices talking of drow, torture and betrayal, although she adds, with a scandalised gigle, that this is more likely to do with Mr Alar's increasingly outlandish fantasies than anything more sinister.