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Race Elf (Sun)
Gender Female
Age 100
Place of Origin Evermeet/(Essembra)
Occupation Wizard/Alchemist
Patron Deity Sehanine Moonbow
Affiliations None
Status Alive

Ayowindhe Mirrenwe

Ayowindhe is likely one of Ar'Tel'Quessir, with intricately braided silvery blond locks cascading well past her waist, and large dark eyes that give life to her otherwise ghostly image. Skinny rather than slender, she possesses overall angular and sharp features, which combine with her unusually pale skin to make her look quite frail. Despite that, Ayowindhe carries herself with the innate grace of her people and compensates with manual dexterity for the lack of physical strength.

She tends to conceal or restrain any emotional displays, employing very discreet and subtle mannerisms, her voice never louder than it needs to be. She proves to be a polite and eloquent, but discriminate conversationalist, passionate when discussing magic but easily bored by, or unwilling to participate at all in, small talk.

Her thin lips naturally curve downwards in a kind of perpetual scowl, a final detail that, added to the rest and underlined by racial stereotypes, create a rather haughty appearance.

Ayowindhe tends to keep her distance and doesn't make friends easily, as opposed to acquaintances, favouring small groups over large crowds. At times she allows her idealism and curiosity to influence her decisions, otherwise favouring solid logical thought. While her ideas are more often sound than not, she rarely finds herself in the lead; she has problems explaining her ideas and lacks the confidence and skill to influence others.

She admits to being a follower of Sehanine Moonbow and on a rare ocasion a broken holy symbol can be seen dangling about her neck on a simple cord.

Ayowindhe is rumoured to have been born in Essembra, while she admits to have spent most of her life in Evermeet under protection and tutelage of her uncle.

Polite with nigh anyone she meets, Ayowindhe, however, has very few people whom she considers friends or allies. She is most often seen in the company of Corym and, most recently, Ly'drin Alar.

She is on friendly terms with other elves, Dovaeryn Ithara Quelinte, Unebril Rygara, Vesryn Saelrien-Kyr.

Also, Ayowindhe could be seen associating with a human ranger, Diero Falcone, on numerous ocasions, and with a hin named Becca, who is known to call the elf 'Windy'.

On the other side, Ayowindhe developed some very strained, if not outright hostile, relationships with a number of people. Izaidyn Von Lyaxann is, perhaps, the most vocal about her dislike for the elven arcanist; rumour has it that their interactions have come quite close to violence on various ocasions.

Another mysterious dissociation is that with Sarunielle Lenoliath, and by extent Sasha Whitefield. Few, if anyone, can really tell how or why the two mages came to mutual antipathy despite having so much in common, but speculations are that it was initiated by Sarunielle.

Ayowindhe was known to produce quality magical potions and scrolls for sale when she first arrived in Essembra in early spring of 1374DR. Since then, it seems, she was mostly put out of business by Sarunielle Lenoliath. However, Ayowindhe does not appear to be particularly upset by that fact.

In the early summer of 1374DR, accusations, however informal, of murder of two Tempurans, were directed her way by Izaidyn Von Lyaxann. Nothing has come of it, however, and all the ruckus died out quite suddenly.

Rumours of Ayowindhe's questionable involvement with the green dragon Xalathros in the summer of 1374DR abound, many of which say she 'talked the dragon to death'. Fewer say she had some history with the great wyrm prior to his reappearance in The Dales.

Further rumours, although of a more personal nature, say that she is intimately involved with (in)famous elven wizard Ly'drin Alar, and that their relationship began with their escape from quarantined Essembra on the eve of the dragon's attack.

The latest gossip places Ayowindhe among the 'valiant elven rescuers' who freed Jhaer Brightsong from captivity.

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