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Race Wood Elf (Or'Tel'Quessir)
Gender Female
Age Middle second century
Place of Origin Cormanthor
Occupation Scout, Archer
Patron Deity Seldarine
Affiliations Circle of the Elder Grove (Allied)
Status Alive

Amyvain Melin

A slender build, brown hair, green eyes and a brown-greenish tint give it away as much as the pointed ears: Amyvain is a woodelf. Her skin's complextion is broken on her arms by tattooes, designs of leaves and vines twisting around them from shoulders to mid forearms.

Of average heigt and build for her kin, Amyvain often is garbed in her leather armor and seldom seen without at least some form of weaponry; Be it longbow and quivers, several shortblades and daggers or her scimitar.

Several bits of bones, teeth, leaves, feathers and small gemstones and beads are sewn to her armor by now, on thin leather coords. All within easy reach and placed so they do not dangle or swing much with her movements - if at all - as to not make needless sounds.

Born and raised in Cormanthor, Amyvain has spend almost three decades away from the trees under which she spend her childhood and youth, though always with short returns to Cormanthor or at least the Dalelands in between. Travel have brought her as far as the Vaast to the East, the edge of the great desert to the North and Cormyr and the Western Heartlands to the West.

Often seen in the company of Ailis Clyne, who she refers to as Mistress and she in turn refers to Amyvain as 'Shiftless Apprentice'. Other than that she often speaks with the other elven adventurers and travelers.

She seems to be on friendly terms with the members and allies of the Circle Of The Elder Grove, though her relationship with Mirrinda Miritar had become more distant during the Summer of 1374.

In recent tendays she has been most often spotted in the company of Meliantha and Taliesin Ongluth, along with Lerin and his bear Toko.

During the winter, she often has been refered to as the 'White Wraith'. It seems dependant on who you ask if that was due to her armor being colored in hues of white and grey, her ability to stay unseen if she so choses or her cold-hearted nature.

During the summer of 1374 rumors crept up that Amyvain was involved in the attack on a prisoner transport between the Abbey of the Sword and Essembra, slaying two Tempurean Faithful and freeing an elven prisoner. Along these lines rumors were spread that she might be recruiting for some extremist elven group of some kind, but these seem to have tapered off after the Plague attack on Essembra.

Among the regulars of the Watchful Eye, it is said that a quiet conversation with Vindir suddenly errupted into violence and the elf slugged someone suspiciously dressed like Amyvain in front of the bar. Brief heated words were exhanged after that, before she retired upstairs, apparently to tend to the split lip she suffered.

After a lengthy apparent absence from the Dales, she was spotted once more in the dales in Tarsakh of 1377 DR, thought people claim to have overheard different reasons for the reason of her absence, ranging from a travels to the Anauroch Deserts to 'visit a friend', to having taken up a life as a pirate on the Moonsea and even being a captive in some crystalline prison of sort.

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