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Race Human (Ffolk)
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Moonshae Isles
Occupation Recovering Drunk, Eldritch Knight
Patron Deity Shaundakul
Affiliations The nearest tavern
Status Obviously Insane

Ailis Clyne

Ailis seems to be in her late twenties, or possibly early thirties. She's about average height, with a strong build; aside from naturally broad shoulders, she seems to lead the kind of life involving a lot of upper body exercise. She has deep-set brown eyes, a beauty mark above her lip, and a deep tan; her skin's weathered by an outdoor life, with beginning wrinkles and crow's feet in the corners of her eyes. If it weren't bound back most of the time, her dark brown hair would reach about a handspan past her shoulders. If she'd bother to comb it more often, not to mention wash her face, she might actually look modestly elegant.

She speaks in a thick brogue combining the very worst of Moonshae, lower-class Sword Coast and Cormyrian accents and expressions. Her accent's not improved by her habit of slurring when she's drunk, but mercifully that's not as common a situation as it used to be.

When not in outright armour, she dresses for practicality first, featuring leathers, heavy cloth, high boots and plenty of loops and pockets.. though her outfits have a habit of being rather tactically tight-cut in some places, showing off a little more neck than would be completely couth in high society, or simply worn a little too casually.

Ailis claims to be a native of the Moonshaes, and her accent and demeanor leave little doubt to that. To people who bother to ask, she tells stories of being part of a fighting Fianna on one of the home islands in the last years of the war with the Northlanders, which would mean she's either well-preserved, or joined them at a fairly young age. She was apprenticed to Kendrick the Red, a local wizard, as part of some complicated deal between him and the Fianna. Since the truce between the fighting parties, almost a decade ago, she's been “following the wind” across the continent, making a living as a mercenary and adventurer.

Ailis is a devout follower of the Lord of the Winds, and treats his clergy with the utmost respect. Beyond that, she has few formal affiliations. She's known to be friendly with a few members of the Circle of the Southern Dales and the Companions of the Scarlet Bishop. She also refers to Amyvain Melin as “my shiftless apprentice,” and does seem to be making an effort to teach the elf the tricks of the trade, every once in a while.

Ailis is well-known to partake of rather a lot of alcohol, and rumored to be a bit of a lush when she's really had a lot – more than just her breakfast, lunch, before- and after-dinner, and nine-before-bed ales. She picks fights with Northlanders no matter what state she's in, although she seems to've reached some kind of truce or simple stalemate with the Dalenands' most prominent Northlander, Izaidyn Von Lyaxann.