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Full Name Abigail Darkenov Vastile
Alias Abby, Amber
Race Human
Gender Female
Age Twenty-Four Years
Place of Origin The Dragon Coast, Teziir
Occupation Apprentice Wizardress
Patron Deity Unknown
Affiliations Apprentice to Alasdair Altarian
Status Alive

Abigail Vastile

Abigail seems to greet everyone with the same sweet, somewhat shy smile and gentle manners befitting of a lady of a nobility. Ever respectful and courteous she is not without her playful side and a mind and wit to keep up with just about anyone, hardly the stereotypical self-adsorbed noble attitude most have grown to expect.

Abigail is a beautiful woman still young in her adult years, though she has bloomed like the loveliest of flowers. Her figure seems to have been stolen from lustful dreams, entrancing curves defining her slender hourglass figure.

Raven locks fall just past her shoulders in thick silken curls. Abigail often wears her hair half up, pinned back and strung with pearls or gems to the crown of her head, with single fine ringlets hanging at each temple to frame her face. Though her eyes are one of her more memorizing and hauntingly beautiful features. Framed in thick lashes, her doe like eyes are pale gray purple in color, and ringed in deep amethyst. Always enhancing her expressions with a sweet innocence.

Her cheeks are lightly blushed with youthful energy and her soft, pouting lips are painted with a pale rose colored gloss, giving her features perfect definition. Paired with her ever fine garb and the faint exotic scent she carries, Abigail seems to be one of noble breeding, or at the very least one accustomed to the finer comforts.

She has become the Apprentice to Alasdair Altarian.

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